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We strive to bring our favorite elements of games from the table or computer to the everyday.

From clothing to jewelry to dice collections, we hope to see the games we love every where we go.

The Dice of Life specializes in RPG dice jewelry and accessories including necklaces, earrings, keychains, and flash drives.

Interested in having custom work done? Send us an email at  with details and we will get you a quote.


About Luke

Luke is a gamer to his core, spending his evenings with card games, videos games, and board games. Recently dabbling in the realm of DnD, he is the DM for an experimental homebrew campaign with his family, and a Tiefling Druid while out adventuring in the 5th Edition.

Luke's current favorite board game is Mercante and his favorite video games are Overwatch and Dota 2.

If he had to pick his favorite dice, Luke would choose the Gamescience Tanzanite set for their deep color and astounding geometric shapes.

About The Dice of Life

The Dice of Life got its start as a project within the Hideyholeinn, a small Etsy shop where Luke and Tiffany sold a variety of handmade dragon and animal sculptures, fantasy necklaces, and other crafty products related to their love of the fantasy genre.
Dice first entered their lives as life counters for Magic the Gathering and later through playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Having been captivated by the beautiful geometric shapes and colors that are now widely available, the first product line was created and released including Christmas ornaments and keychains one Christmas season. Seeing some success and a rift between Hideyholeinn and the dice related products, The Dice of Life took on a life of its own in the hopes of spreading dice into the daily lives of passionate gamers across the world.



About Tiffany

Tiffany enjoys a good story driven video game. Her favorites are the Final Fantasy franchise and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

When playing DnD 5th Edition, she plays a Tiefling Warlock and during the homebrew campaign led by Luke, she is a half-elf half-mer rogue.

Castle Panic rates as one of her favorite board games and the Blue Aurora dice are the favored set for rolling at game night.